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Colour Psychology and it's Effect

Colour Psychology and it's Effect

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Tiwanijesu Sulaiman

Published on Dec 11, 2020

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What is colour psychology??

images (1).jfif Colour psychology is the study of how colours affect the behaviour of humans. Colours affect our emotions, mood and feelings. We pick our favourite colours because of a certain feeling attached to it. For instance, I love purple 🟣 because I felt extremely confident in my first purple dress. There are variations in colour interpretation and meaning, as a Nigerian whenever I see the colour green🟒 I automatically remember my country which is because it is part of our national flag however an American wouldn't feel that way

Common interpretations of colours and how it affects us

depositphotos_256574478-stock-video-red-yellow-blue-color-burst.jpg I would be listing primary colours(hue) and what we most likely feel whenever we see these colours and some design tips

  1. RedπŸ”΄: red is a very intense colour, it is associated with strong emotions like passion, energy, power, excitement, danger, errors and triggers. When designing red is mostly used for errors and a CTA(call-to-action).

  2. Yellow 🟑: yellow is a bright and intense colour which quickly grabs attention .it is associated with happiness, intensity, hunger, warmth and optimism. When designing keep it in mind that text in yellow is hard to read because of its brightness

  3. BlueπŸ”΅: blue is a colour which mostly represents some parts of nature( the sky and sea). it is associated with sadness, calmness, productivity, wind and cold. When designing blue is mainly used for digital products targeted towards men

This post would be a series so watch out for my latest post on detailed psychology of the most common colours(hue)


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