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Understanding UI and UX design

Understanding UI and UX design

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Published on Jan 9, 2021

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Most people sometimes designers tend to think that UI and UX are the same... Well, NO there are not the same. When you are done reading this article you would fully understand what UI and UX design means and their differences.

UI and UX design

UI simply means User interface, it is how a digital product(application or website) looks and what the user can see. User interface consists of the buttons, icons, images, layout, hierarchy, typography, colours and content of a digital product

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UX simply means User Experience, it is how a digital product helps the user to achieve their goals in the fastest and easiest ways. It is how the digital product works. Ux design is about creating hassle-free and enjoyable experiences for the user. User experience consists of the usability, simplicity, accessibility, functionality and the features of the digital product


A beautiful interface that's confusing to navigate makes a digital product unpleasant

Some UI and UX design Principles

  • User is King: When designing know that you are designing for the user and not yourself, so do a lot of research about the project to get insight on the psychology of the target users of your digital product.
  • Follow a Design Process: When starting a new project follow a process that works for you. Different designers have different design process find one that works for you and use it to create an amazing experience.
  • Usability is key: As a UI UX designer, your main goal is the satisfaction of the user, concentrate more on the usability than the design trend or the beauty of the interface, the experience matters most.
  • Consistency: When designing make sure that your interface is uniform, make sure it looks and behave the same way, create a design system before starting your project if creating one seems overwhelming try searching for a couple of design systems online.
  • Feedback: Your design process isn't complete until the target user is satisfied, always test out prototypes after designing and iterate until it satisfies the users.

Quick design tip

Users expect digital products to be similar, they already have a pre-existing idea on how some things should work; while being unique also remember to be consistent with certain functionalities.

In conclusion, as a good product designer, you should follow all the processes and principles of UX to create a very satisfying digital product.

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